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project ART

Our company, RI.PA SpA, with 40 years of experience in the supply and installation of higt quality coverings
and flooring both in Italy and in Europe, has decided to take on a new challenge, creating ARTbyRIPA, an innovative showroom that mixes design, art and handicraft. A unique space, located in Torre Oberdan in Brescia, where it is possible to find a vast and original assortment of hig quality coverings and floorings, made with all types of material, from wood to ceramics, marble to leather, and glass to fur.

Within the showroom – a distinguishing feature of Art – it is possible to discover unique furnishinf accesories, suspended fireplaces, glass cactuses, bathtubs decorated with marble roses, chair-sculptures, creations in fused glass to mould in the most original manners and colours. Thus we propose to supply ideas, creative touches for personalised project that meet the requirements of architects, interior decorators, technical studies, original solutions to the most diverse problems of functional and living space, always in the pursuit of maximum quality.

With this objective we have decided to favour the “little” over the “large” even if branded, the craftsman or the producer far from the normal commercial circuit but able to create unique products which enhance the value of and personalize any architectural project. Ajob requiring meticulous research that is anriched by helpful contacts with the Academies of art.

Art is space to discover. Our team of architects and professionals is competely at the disposal of the customer for support in the search for solutions, ideas, crative coordination of furnishings, materials, and colours.