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ART is not only a unique showroom, is also a highly professional consultation space with experts able to make other people's dreams come true or to create a project from A to Z.

We make any dream come true … even the most original!

The ART professional are able to respond to any request identifying the material or the most suitable product and transforming themselves as needed into real and true “ ART-hunters”, ready to discover a unique piece, a particularly original furnishing accessory, a piece of furniture created by a craftsman, a specially created fur or glass covering … because in ART there are no barriers to dreams.

Personalized consultation

ART and its staff, thanks to its experience and extensive knowledge of various products, are able to directly support the research and the design of creataive ideas, developing solutions ad hoc, accommodating the nature of the client with solutions that are classic or original, elegant or unorthodox ; but alway axclusive and unique.

Tumkey project

Thanks to the organizational stucture supplied by the companies oj the RIPA Group of wich ART takes part, ART is able to support all phases of the realization of an architectural project, from the choice of materials and fumishings, to the installation of coverings and floors, to the realization of systems, dropped ceilings and plasterboard walls …

The objective is to respond to every need, fully respecting delivery times, with excellent quality materials and workmanship.